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- Multi-tiered timesheet approval- Audit trail and complete history of time reported- Extensive search capabilitiescontact us. For more information about us or our products, pleaseSTEPS Project MethodologyandvProject Resource SuiteVisual Time TrackerTM is just one component of our- Enhances efficiency- Increases customer satisfaction- Improves software quality- Standardizes workflow- Reduces product management costs- Maximizes productivityBenefitsScreenshot
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Fast..........Easy..........Complete..........Secure.........., Visual TimeCoDI components- Robust time management- Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface- Web-based scalable deployment- Security and access controls- Comprehensive reportingFeaturesProduct OverviewVisual Time TrackerTM is an effective time tracking application designed to help manage the time spent in the various phases of software development projects and the ongoing Network Support process. It is a highly versatile solution for small, medium, and large companies. Built with TrackerTM is a powerful, highly flexible tool that is easily scalable. By harnessing the power of the Internet, it allows companies to easily and efficiently manage time for all project team members regardless of location..